Tuesday, 19 May 2009

So busy doing nothing.

Right. The story with me is that I've left school now. Off into the big, bad world.
It's a bit rubbish, truth be told. I mean unemployment sounds fan-bloody-tastic when you've got something to do. Yep. Watching telly all day. Eating Ready Brek at midnight. Excellent. But not quite reality. I mean, today, I woke up. Which was nice. Then I had a shower. Which was equally nice, because I looked less like Pete Doherty after a ruddy good night out. Then... iPlayer. iPlayer for many an hour. You end up watching things you have NO interest in, just to have something to do. I found myself engrossed in a documentary about sleep. That's not so productive having been awake for over six hours.

I had so many brilliant plans for my imminent unemployment. I was going to revise for the exams that just keep on truckin'. Haven't done much of that - do you blame me? Physiological homestasis vs. Katie&Peter Stateside? The decision's obvious. I had plans to write more. Nyeeh. I suppose I've done some of that. I am blogging after all. Look at me, all Riverbend. I had plans to make a souffle that doesn't make me want to commit any kind of -cide. Thusfar, unsuccessful.

So, all in all, I would like a job please. Pretty please.

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