Monday, 18 May 2009

I met me... and I wasn't talking to the mirror again.

Right. So yesterday, I went out. (I'll give you some time to get over that)

So I went out to a comedy club. Yep. Comedy club. What I love the most about going there, is watching everyone else. There are very different types of people that go to these places. There's the middle aged man forced to go by his wife, who attempts to surpress his laughter and ends up puncturing a lung with the effort. There's the meek little lady with her half glass of red, sitting in the corner, giggling away. There's the young lass there to get some stand up tips. And get pissed. Guess which one I am. Ow. My lung.

ANYWAY. The night's going by quite slowly. Some laughs. Lots of wine. UNTIL. My exact double came on stage. He looked like Ross Noble, and was At some points I started predicting what he would say. It was great fun, especially when I managed to nearly upturn the table when I dropped my glarses. Eventually, he went off stage and... someone else came on. I'm pretty sure he/she was drunk. So I went up to myself after the last act went off, and we had a minichinwag. See, I want to be a comedian. That's the line which seems to make people laugh the most... And when I told him, he informed me that there's a night for upcoming comedians at said comedy club. Hmm. I believe my response to that was 'I'll be sick on the front row'. Now come on. NOBODY wants that.... do they? Sick on the front row? That's not funny, that's just an Amy Winehouse gig.


  1. I actually spat couscous everywhere reading your "sick on the front row" comment. Was that the kind of reaction you're hoping for as a budding comedian?

    Good luck with it though. For me that's one of the ultimate signs of courage and balls. I'll stay in the shaded corner for now ;)

  2. thank you : D

    What were you doing spitting cous cous out? Are you a disgruntled llama?